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Terms of Use

Totally Simple LTD
Company reg number: 15096513
Registered office address: Piccadilly Business Centre Unit C Aldow Enterprise Park, Blackett Street, Manchester, England, M12 6AE
Office address: Dickinson House, Manchester M1 5AN, United Kingdom
Phone: +441612376031


These Terms of Use (“Terms”) govern your use of the services provided by Totally Simple LTD, including but not limited to our website, translation services, and related offerings. By accessing or using our services, you agree to comply with these Terms. Please read them carefully before proceeding. If you do not agree with any part of these Terms, you may not use our services.


1.1. In these Terms, the following terms shall have the meanings ascribed to them:

   – Totally Simple LTD: Refers to us, the company providing the services, including translation and linguistic solutions.

   – Website: Denotes our online platform, accessible at, where you can find information about our services and engage with us.

   – User: Represents any individual or entity accessing or using our services, including but not limited to individuals, businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies.

   – Services: Encompasses all offerings provided by us including translation, localization, transcription, proofreading, SEO translation, sentiment analysis, and related services.

   – Content: Refers to any information, text, documents, media, or materials provided by users for the purpose of translation or any other service.

   – Agreement: Signifies the contractual relationship formed between the user and Totally Simple LTD when the user accesses or uses our services, including any transaction or engagement.

1.2. It is imperative to adhere to precise definitions to ensure clarity and minimize misunderstandings. These definitions serve to establish the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved in our Agreement. We aim to avoid broad interpretations that may lead to ambiguity in our contractual relationship.

Governing Law

This site operates within the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom (UK). Any legal matters arising from the use of our services, including disputes and contractual obligations, shall be governed by the laws of the UK.

Product Description and Functionality

2.1. We offer a range of linguistic services, including translation, localization, transcription, proofreading, SEO translation, sentiment analysis, and translation of chatbots. These services are designed to facilitate effective communication and bridge language barriers for individuals and businesses worldwide.

2.2. To purchase our services, clients are required to follow a simple and efficient process:

   – Step 1: Service Selection: Clients can choose the desired service(s) from our offerings listed on our website.

   – Step 2: Request a Quote: For services that require customization, clients can submit a request through our website’s contact form. This request should include specific project details, such as source and target languages, content type, and any unique requirements.

   – Step 3: Quotation: Upon receiving the request, our team will promptly evaluate the project’s scope and provide a detailed quotation. This quotation will include pricing, estimated turnaround time, and any additional relevant information.

   – Step 4: Confirmation: Clients can confirm their intent to proceed with the project by accepting the provided quotation through email or our designated communication channels.

   – Step 5: Payment: After confirmation, we will issue an invoice containing a secure payment link. Clients can make the payment through the provided link. We accept payments via MIR, Visa, and Mastercard in various currencies upon request, including but not limited to USD, GBP, AUD, EUR, INR, GEL, MXN, SGD, RSD and others.

   – Step 6: Project Initiation: Once payment is received, we will initiate the project according to the agreed specifications and timeline.

Delivery Process

2.3. Upon successful payment, clients can expect the following delivery process:

   – Clients will receive a link via email, allowing them to download the necessary or ordered documents. We ensure that the delivery process is efficient and convenient for our clients.

Possible Problems and Defects

2.4. In the rare event of encountering problems or defects with the delivered content, clients are encouraged to follow these steps:

   – If a broken link is received or encountered, clients should immediately contact our customer support team. We will promptly provide a replacement link to ensure uninterrupted access.

   – If the downloaded file does not open or appears to have any defects, clients should contact our support team for assistance and resolution.

Refund Policy

2.5. Refunds for translation services are generally not provided. Clients are advised to thoroughly review the provided content upon delivery and ensure its accuracy and completeness. We emphasize the importance of verifying information to avoid potential misunderstandings or discrepancies.

Your Responsibilities
  1. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information and any associated credentials. You agree not to share your account access with others and to notify us immediately if you suspect any unauthorized access.
  2. When using our services, you agree not to engage in any unlawful or prohibited activities, including but not limited to the following:

   – Violating any applicable laws or regulations.

   – Transmitting any harmful, unlawful, or fraudulent content.

   – Interfering with the security or functionality of our website or services.

   – Impersonating any person or entity, or misrepresenting your affiliation with any person or entity.

  1. You understand that the content you provide to us for translation or any other service is your responsibility. You affirm that you have the necessary rights and permissions to use, submit, and authorize us to work with the provided content.
Limitation of Liability
  1. While we strive to provide accurate and high-quality services, we cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy or suitability of translations or other content. Our services may not always be error-free or meet your expectations.
  2. We shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising from or related to your use of our services, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

We reserve the right to terminate or suspend your access to our services at our sole discretion, without prior notice, for any violation of these Terms or for any other reason. Upon termination, you are no longer authorized to use our services.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms of Use or our services, please contact us at

By using our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms of Use.